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Mamod Steam Engine Models

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Steam Roller with Canopy Kit

Mamod Steam Roller With Canopy Kit
Steam engine powered roller with canopy kit, starter fuel included in price
Product Code 1402 SR1AK
Price 176.40
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Mamod Steam Engine Models

Mamod Locomotive Steam Engine Train
Mamod Locomotive Steam Engine

Specifications:  Bore:9.5mm, stroke 14mm, cylinders 2, valve type piston, valve gear slip eccentric, boiler capacity approx 120 mls, operating pressure 1.13 Bar (15PSI), gas capacity (max) 14.5cc LPG, cylinder lubrication displacement, cylinder oil ISO460 compound (recommended).


William Locomotive Steam Engine
Mamod's William Locomotive Steam Engine powered train.  With Butane / Propane Ceramic Gas Burner. Best type to buy is the 'O' gauge sized tracks.

Model: 260 x 145 x 90mm Gr. Wt. 1800g

Product Code 1355 W0
Price 'O' Gauge 387.50
Our Price 352.00
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Mamod Goods Wagon
Mamod Goods Wagon

SteamReplicas - Engine Models

Goods Wagon
Replica of a Carriage Train Set,  Goods Wagon.

Pack: 190 x 95 x 85mm Gr.Wt. 600g

Product Code 1352 GW
Price 59.00

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Mamod Passenger Carriage
Mamod Passenger Carriage

SteamReplicas - Engine Models

Passenger Carriage
Replica of a Carriage Train Set,  Passenger Carriage.

Pack: 190 x 95 x 145mm Gr.Wt. 900g

Product Code 1352 PC
Price 76.50

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Mamod Guards Van
Mamod Guards Van

SteamReplicas - Engine Models

Guards Van

Replica of a Carriage Train Set,  Guards Van.

Pack: 190 x 95 x 145mm Gr.Wt. 900g

Product Code 1352 GV
Price 92.50

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Mamod Locomotive Set

Mamod Locomotive Steam Engine
Mamod Carriage Train Set


Mamod Train Set
Replica of Train Set, includes Locomotive Engine, Goods Wagon, Passenger Carriage, Guards Van and plenty of 'O' tracks to create a good sized railway line.

Each Unit: 190 x 95 x 145mm
Total Gr. Wt. 2400g

Product Code 1355 SET
RRP Price 760.00
Our Price 691.00
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'O' Gauge Track & Points (left)
'O' Gauge Track & Points (left)

SteamReplicas - Engine Models

'O' Gauge Track & Points (left)

'O' Gauge Track & Points, left handed.

Product Code 1356L
Price 22.50

'O' Gauge Track & Points (right)

'O' Gauge Track & Points (right)

SteamReplicas - Engine Models


'O' Gauge Track & Points (right)

'O' Gauge Track & Points, right handed.

Product Code 1357R
Price 22.50


The world's most powerful Mamod Locomotive Steam Engine


Mamod Train Set Locomotive Mamod Locomotive  William Locomotive

  Mamod Locomotives - Exclusive replica range of steam trains, steam engines, railway steam engines, steam generators, locomotive steam engines, real model steam engines collector items.  

 All Mamod Locomotive Steam Engines Toys are steam engine powered, pre-assembled and in working order.  Delivered in an attractive box, complete with a Mamod  instruction manual and enough gas fuel to get you started. 

Additional fuel and spare parts can be ordered with every Mamod Toy Model Locomotives. Ideal Hobbies for Men.

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