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Steam Roller with Canopy Kit

Mamod Steam Roller With Canopy Kit
Steam engine powered roller with canopy kit, starter fuel included in price
Product Code 1402 SR1AK
Price 154.00
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Mamod steam locomotives

   All Steam Engine
Models hand made
    in Britain by
    Exclusively for
1353 Straight O Gauge Track (available in packs of 8) 37.00      
1354 Curved O Gauge Track (available in packs of 8) 37.00      
1356L Points Left Handed O Gauge 22.50      
1357R Points Right Handed O Gauge 22.50      
1358 FT81 60/40 Butane Propane Ceramic Burner C/W Gas Tank 71.00      
1358A Gas Burner Conversion C/W Scuttle 81.00      
1358B Jet 8.00      
1358C Adaptor for Gas Canister 18.00      
VAL-WILL Pressure Release Valve for William Locomotive 8.50      
Mamod Traction Engine in Green Mamod Steam Roller Mamod Showmans Engine Mamod Traction Engine in Brass Mamod London Bus
Mamod Accessories & Fuel
1336 WS1 Workshop 92.75      
1136A WS1 Accessories, Power Press, Polishing Mop, Grinder & Hammer (part numbers:  1136A Power Press, 1136B Polishing Mop, 1136C Grinder, 1136D Hammer 37.50      
1350 SF1

Solid Fuel (1 packet) each packet contains 20 cubes)

1360 TR1A Traction Engine, Trailer (complete with 3 logs & 2 chains) 68.00   info  
1360CH Chains 3.00      
1370 SR1A Steam Roller Trailer 74.25   info  
1370B Barrels 3.00      


  Mamod Spares - Exclusive replica range of steam trains, steam engines, railway steam engines, steam generators, locomotive steam engines, real model steam engines collector items.  

 All Mamod Spares are steam engine powered, pre-assembled and in working order.  Delivered in an attractive box, complete with an instruction manual and enough fuel for 10 separate light ups. 

Additional fuel and spare parts can be ordered with every steam engine.

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