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Frequently Asked Questions about Mamod Steam Engines

Question. Can I build my own mamod model kit?
Answer. Yes you can make your own model steam engine.  The main parts are put together for you the rest is easy as child's play.

There is nothing wrong with the Mamod tablets - to light them best use a gas barbeque lighter, not a match!

Question. Do your mamod steam engines come pre-assembled?
Answer. Yes they do.  All you need is a bit of water and a match to light the fuel in the boiler to build up steam power and off you go.  Have your camera ready to video your achievement and send us a copy to post.


Mamod Traction Engine in Green Mamod Steam Roller Mamod Showmans Engine Mamod Traction Engine in Brass Mamod London Bus

Tractor and Wagon Steam Engine Kit  |  Steam Roller with Canopy Kit   |  Mamod Selection Kits

Question. Why are your prices lower than everybody else's?
Answer. Steamreplicas buy in bulk and have the power to offer the best prices from everybody else.

Question. How to I get the water to heat up quicker?
Answer. Solution is to use boiled water from a kettle, this will speed up the process significantly.

Question. Can I use tap water for the boiler?
Answer. You can, but you can use distilled water that  your mother uses for ironing. As there is no salt in this type of water your steam engine will last longer as work better as there will be no sale build up clogging the valves and tinny pipes.

Question. Are the mamod models new?
Answer. Yes they are, brand new in a brand new box and ready to go.

Question. How easy is it to put together a steam engine kit?
Answer. Very easy.

Mamod Steam engine youtube video from happy father and son

Question. I have an old mamod that needs painting, what paint should i buy to paint the steam engine?
Answer. There are many paints and colours you could consider. I suggest the paint you use is highly resistant to heat. If you are looking to paint the area around the boiler, I suggest you paint it with high heat resistant black paint. This paint is also used to paint exhaust pipes on cars and motor bikes which is something that can be considered and found at Halfords and similar car accessories shops.

Question. Do you recommend to buy the steam engine ready made for me?
Answer. Yes we highly recommend you buy the steam engine ready to work, unless you want to sped a few hours putting it together yourself, please do.

Question. Can I build my own miniature traction steam engine toy from scratch?
Answer. Yes if you are looking to how to build your own live steam engine powered model, you can buy a steam engine from us in a kit and build it by yourself. This is a brilliant toy for men and boys alike and a great present and hobby for men and boys.

Question. Can I make my own miniature working model steam engine?
Answer. Yes of course you can from Steam Replicas.

Question. Do your steam engine models run on real steam power?

. Yes they do. Put water in the tank, fuel tablets into the boiler, light a match to start the fire and be prepared for the steam to build up and off you do.

Question. Is it possible to add a RF radio frequency radio control system, servo and levers to control the steering of the model? And where would the batteries go?

Answer. Yes you can make our steam engine run with a radio control system. All you got to do is buy a cheap toy model car, something around 20 to 30 British pounds and take the mechanisms out and install on your steam engine. This will reduce the cost significantly and you will have a bespoke model, which you can control and be better than your mate's!!!

Great Video from a Happy Mamod Customer and a warning about engine blowing up?

Question. Where can I buy a working steam engine small model?
Answer. At Steam Replicas of course. which are still British Hand Made replica toys for men and boys. Not your cheap nasty Chinese jobs. Steam Engines make great birthday presents or for Christmas or special occasions, a great present for your son and grandson to remember you by.

Question. Where would I find the best prices for the best mamod steam engine toys?
. At Steam Replicas of course, where else? We offer International delivery service for Europe and USA.


All Locomotive Steam Engines are steam engine powered, pre-assembled and in working order.  Delivered in an attractive box, complete with an instruction manual and enough gas fuel to get you started. 

Additional fuel and spare parts can be ordered.

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