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Mamod steam locomotives

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Mamod Steam ModelsMamod was founded in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom by Geoffrey Malins in the late 1930's.  

The Mamod Company initially made model replicas of stationary live steam engines, progressing to steam engine powered road rollers, traction engines and roadsters

Over the years throughout the world Mamod's fame progressed to live steam railway which appeared on the market in 1981.

The first steam engine locomotives were gauge O only and initially offered in a set, in a very attractive, award winning package. The initial set included a green locomotive (SL-1), a open a wagon (in gray) and a log wagon with three Styrofoam "logs".

Mamod Traction Engine in Green Mamod Steam Roller Mamod Showmans Engine Mamod Traction Engine in Brass Mamod London Bus

The locomotive had double acting oscillating cylinders, with direction and throttle controlled provided by the same valve. Although today the fuel used in very clean and pure, in those days the locomotives used the foul-smelling solid fuel tablets as other Mamod steam engines. A loop of cast track was also included (O only).

Later the locomotive was offered separately, in both gauge 1 and gauge O. A number of other cars were then offered: a goods van (gray), a guards van (brown), a flat wagon (black) and a passenger coach (maroon).

Mamod Steam engine youtube video from happy father and son

The were quite durable, made entirely from metal. All the examples I have seen were made in gauge O. After considerable technical problems, Mamod finally introduced switches for the O gauge track system.

Later, Mamod offered two additional sets, a maroon locomotive with two passenger cars and the green locomotive the goods van and a guard's van.

New steam engine powered locomotives in light blue (SL-2) and maroon (SL-3) were offered individually, and differed from the green locomotive by having a spark arrestor stack rather than a straight "shotgun" one. The maroon locomotive's spark arrester was in shiny brass.

In 1983, Mamod offered the locomotive in kit form, enabling the builder to construct either a gauge 1 or gauge O version. The locomotive was finished in satin black with red lettering. Two special versions of the steam engine locomotive were also offered over the years.

One version offered in 1989 was lettered for the 50th anniversary of Mamod, painted a sort of plum colour. A production run of 1,000 were made, with serialized numbers.

At the time of the Charles/Diana Royal Wedding, a pair of limited run locomotives were offered, one lettered for the Prince of Wales and the other for the Princess of Wales, painted a Royal Blue colour. Minor variations occurred over the production life.

One major improvement towards the end of production was the inclusion of a plastic cover over the throttle lever.

On earlier locomotives, the lever acted as a branding iron for fingers!  Sufficient supplies exist around that new locomotives and kits can still be found.

There is a still a substantial industry offering after-market replacement and enhancement parts such as alcohol burners, safety valves with higher pressure settings, detail parts, etc.


All Locomotive Steam Engines are steam engine powered, pre-assembled and in working order.  Delivered in an attractive box, complete with an instruction manual and enough gas fuel to get you started. 

Additional fuel and spare parts can be ordered.

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