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Top customer Comments

I trust everything was to your satisfactory with your Steam Replicas Mamod steam engine you ordered?  I was wondering if you can help me improve our services by taking 2 minutes of your time to answer the following questions to your best of knowledge. 

Hobbies for boys and men
Henry having fun with his first ideal Mamod Steamroller
a great hobby encouraged by his father.

There is no prize to be won, but what you'll get from me is my warmest thank you.

You might like to have a look at the website first:

Here goes (please put your answers next to the questions)

1. Did you receive everything in order and met your expectations?

All customers say the steam engine toy model was to my expectations.

2. Did you buy from Steamreplicas because you felt the website looked professional / friendly?

Yes, I was expecting a clear buying proposition when I had seen the web site.  Your answers by phone clinched it for me.

3. Did the low prices encourage you to buy from Steamreplicas?

Yes, I felt that they were a good sign that you were trying hard to meet my expectations.  I bought the Kit for my 13 year old son's Xmas present.  I used to have a Mamod static and so, when I have the opportunity, I will maybe buy one for myself/ my other son.  Your clear and informative web site looks so far to be a key part of my developing 'fleet'.

4. Was the shopping cart friendly to use?

Most customers say - Yes
5. Did you mind you had to write your details twice in shopping cart?

That could have been a problem but, as I knew I am dealing with a bespoke seller, I wasn't put off.
6. Do you remember how you found the Steamreplica website?

I Googled Mamod and found their web site.  I then followed the links to their UK dealers.  I looked at most of the sites but felt that yours was the most promising.
7. If search engine which one and what search term did you use?

See answer 6 above.
8. Would you buy from Steamreplicas again if you had the need to?

I hope that my son and his brother as well as me will have good times with the toy Kit you sold us and that I will be buying more.  I will definitely look at you and, unless your helpful business style changes, I would prefer to deal with you.
9. Do you think Steamreplicas needs to add anything to the website?

As a first time buyer my concern was that the Kits may be too difficult to assemble.  A new section dealing with 'FAQs for Kits' may be a useful idea as many people may be put off by such concerns.
10. Anything you would like to add that would help us help other customers?

Apart from what I have already written? No!  I hope that you have a prosperous and successful Xmas


there i decided to fill in your survey here are my answers.

1: Yea i got everything ordered and it was what i requested.

2: Some pictures in action and or video of the models working would be a big addion to your website.  Use youtube for the videos and embed them in your site.  Include a link and description on each youtube video page to your site as well.  The videos can also bring in more people to your site as an added bonus.

3: Not as such it was more of the speciality of the models particularly the uniqueness of steam power ones that did it.

4: Yes as far as i remember it was last Christmas that i bought the model so a bit far back to remember the checkout.  But i do remember having no problems with it.

5: On google searching for steam powered models.

6: See above

7: Yes i would.

8: Do you make the models yourself or do you order them in?  If the first an idea for you is to add a simple remote control system for them would be great.  A simple servo for the lever and a motor for the steering.  Most remote systems come prebuild and complete you just got to attach them to your model in some way.  Also the water tank is kind of small for prolonged use but you can not increase it due to ruining the shape of the model so think about some sort of feeder system from a tank that can be pulled by the model.

Just some ideas
My STRONG suggestion grows out of my frustration in figuring out how to fire it up.  Where does the water go? How does the canopy fit into place? How do the fuel tablets work? Is there any danger?

My suggestion is that you create a YouTube video of how to take it out of the box, put it together, and make it operational the first time. I had to call you guys to figure it out.
A good Mamod item fast delivery

Thank you; we assume by your email it means that all four tools will be included. We have ordered the Steam Workshop now at the lower price on this assumption, thank you. My son really appreciates your help with his new hobby! On delivery we will check that it comes with all the tools as per the photograph, otherwise it will need to be collected and returned to you for a refund.

Regards and thanks,
Sophie P.

Thank you very much for your efficiency in sending the Mamod Workshop; my son is delighted with it and has run it all weekend! We really appreciate your help with the price and postage. You need to list on your website that the workshop includes the polisher, grinder, power press, hammer and connecting cords.

All the best,


Did you receive everything in order and met your expectations?
The order arrived promptly and the engine was as desired and expected.  However a belt was missing but Steam replicas quickly posted us the missing belt at no charge.  We were very happy with the prompt and courteous service in this respect.
Great steam engine products, great seller, would recommend.
Prompt delivery, lovely Mamod Steam engine product received in perfect condition.
Nice item! Good to deal with.
Speedy delivery, well packaged, lovely item - thanks
very pleased with mamod steam engine products, thank you
Great item, good delivery, thanks
Excellent mamod product. Well packaged. Thanks.
Goods look great. Good price. Communication good. Recommended!!!!
quality product, good service - got my entire steam engine collection there too!
Good delivery - steam engine locomotive is just what we wanted
Quick to arrive. Well packaged steam engine kit. Great item. thanks.
good and fast service - would use steam replicas again
Friendly and helpful staff; good service.
very, very fast, great steam engine kit - A+ service
High quality item (delivery was excellent)


  Exclusive replica range of steam trains, steam engines, railway steam engines, steam generators, locomotive steam engines, real model steam engines collector items.  

 All replicas are steam engine powered, pre-assembled and in working order.  Delivered in an attractive box, complete with an instruction manual and enough fuel for 10 separate light ups. 

Additional fuel and spare parts can be ordered.

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